Free Checking Accounts

KGC Federal Credit Union offers members a free checking account with no minimum balance requirement and no monthly service charges.  Your first order of 50 checks are also free.

Services such as Direct Deposit and Overdraft Protection are also available through your KGC Federal Credit Union checking account.  A wide variety of check styles are available to you.  Prices for check printing depend on the style selected. You may reorder checks by clicking on the “Liberty Checks” icon to the left.

As part of your checking account, members may apply for a CU Check Card. Your CU Check Card is for purchases and cash withdrawals through your checking account only.  Members cannot perform an inquiry on your checking or savings account through this card. You cannot use your CU Check Card for transactions on your savings account.  Attempts to use your CU Check Card in this manner may result in a fee to your account. There is a $1.00 per month fee to have a CU Check Card, whether you use the card or not.

Balance information on your ATM withdrawal slips may not be accurate.  Please keep track of your withdrawals, as you will be charged $32.00 for each NSF ATM withdrawal or purchase if you opted in to the standard overdraft coverage for one time debit and ATM use.