KGC Federal Credit Union offers members loan specials throughout the year. e. Members may borrow up to $1,000 for 12 months at just 8.5% APR as part of these loan specials:

Tax Special: March – April
Vacation Special: June and July

Back-to-School Special: August and September
Christmas Special: November and December

See our Current Loan Rates below for rate and disclosure information on these services.

Our loan programs include:

  • New Vehicle/Motorcycle Loans
  • Used Vehicle/Motorcycle Loans
  • Signature Loans
  • Share Secured Loans
  • Recreational Vehicle Loans
  • ATV/Snowmobile Loans
  • Boat
  • Credit Builder Loans
  • Visa Credit Cards

To apply for a loan, simply stop in the office for an application or download the PDF from the apply for a loan tab.  You may also call or email a request for an application to be mailed or emailed to you.  Automatic payment is available with any of our loan services.

New & Used Vehicles

New untitled / less than 20,000 milesup to 84 months**as low as 5.50%
up to 72 monthsas low as 4.50%
up to 60 monthsas low as 4.00%
up to 48 monthsas low as 3.75%
up to 36 monthsas low as 3.50%
Used 2016 -2020up to 72 monthsas low as 5.00%
up to 60 monthsas low as 4.50%
up to 48 monthsas low as 4.00%
Used 2009-2015up to 60 monthsas low as 6.50%
up to 48 monthsas low as 5.50%
up to 36 monthsas low as 4.75%

**Must borrow over $30,000.00 to qualify for 84 month term. Members with Risk Score of 700 or above may qualify to borrow up to $65,000 on a New Vehicle Secured Loan.
We finance only 80% of the sticker or retail value for those members whose Risk Score is 599 and below. We finance up to 100% of the sticker price  on new vehicles and up to 100% of the  NADA Average Retail Value on used vehicles. We also change a late fee of $25.00 if the loan is 10 days late.

Recreational Vehicles (Campers, Boats, Dirt Bikes, Motorcycles, ATV, UTV, & Trailers)

Collateraltermadd on APR
RV/Camper84 months max2.50%
Watercraft72 months max2.00%
Classic Car60 months max2.00%
Motorcycle84 months max1.00%
(All Terrain Vehicle)
72 months max1.00%
Other Titled Vehicles72 months max1.00%

Share Secured Loans

100% secured60 months4.50% APR
50%60 months5.00% APR

Signature (Personal) Loans

All rates and terms are determined by your Fair Issac Risk Score and Debt Ratio

up to 60 monthsas low as 8.75%
up to 48 monthsas low as 8.25%
up to 36 monthsas low as 7.75%
up to 24 monthsas low as 7.50%
up to 12 monthsas low as 7.25%

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate **The posted rates includes a 1/4 (0.25%) discount for automatic deduction of the payment from a KGC Federal Credit Union deposit account.