KGC Federal Credit Union and Priority First Federal Credit Union, Uniting Strength

The Board of Directors of KGC Federal Credit Union called a special meeting of its members on February 12, 2024 to vote on a proposed merger with Priority First Federal Credit Union.  Members had the option to vote at the office, via mail or in-person at the meeting.  The Board unanimously approved this collaboration and is pleased to report that our membership felt the same way, as 98% of voting members approved the merger.  The Board would like to thank all KGC members for their continued support throughout this process and for trusting them to make this difficult decision.  Going forward, the Board is extremely confident that this merger will result in improvements for both members and staff that would not be possible without this action.  The KGC office and staff will continue to operate as-is until a merger date is established (estimated late April).  Once the merger details are finalized, all members will receive a letter explaining the process. 

Some questions that were answered during the membership meeting:

What will happen to staff and the office?  All KGC employees will become Priority First employees and will now have access to benefits.  The KGC office will remain open and Priority First FCU plans to make improvements to the current facilities.

How will our members benefit?
 – No products or services are being eliminated- Access to 5 branch locations and approximately 6,500 surcharge free ATMs- All Priority First products and services currently not offered by KGC including: mobile banking, remote deposit, bill pay, real estate loans, indirect auto loans, commercial loans and business services, certificates of deposit, and IRAs.

Will my account number change and how will that affect my social security?  Member account numbers will change slightly, but that will not impact any previously established ACH debits or credits.  No action will be necessary for those items to continue to post to your account.  

Will I be able to use my KGC checks?  Yes, after the merger you will still be able to use your existing KGC checks.  However, existing KGC checks will not be viewable through Priority First’s Online Banking.  Therefore, all KGC members with existing checking accounts will be offered an order of standard Priority First checks at no cost.  NOTE: Priority First offers all its members with direct deposit and senior citizens one check order of standard checks per year at no cost.

Will my debit card still work?  Your existing debit card will work until the merger is complete.  Priority First will issue all KGC members with an active debit card, a new Priority First debit card.  Your new debit card number will be different than your current card, so any automatic payments using your KGC debit card number will need to be updated.  Additional information concerning debit cards and the entire merger process will be mailed to all members before any changes are implemented.

Will my credit card still work? Yes, if you have a credit card, you will still be able to continue using your current card.

Why are KGC and Priority First pursuing a merger? KGC and Priority First are actively pursuing a merger to optimize the value delivered to our members, while simultaneously ensuring sustained growth and prosperity. By joining forces with another well-established credit union, we anticipate a substantial enhancement in operational efficiencies. This strategic collaboration will empower us with the necessary resources to elevate the level of offerings extended to KGC and PFFCU members. Importantly, we remain committed to delivering the same high standard of personalized services that has defined our relationship with members throughout our history.

How will our members benefit? Priority First has many products and services KGC is currently unable to offer including: mobile banking, remote deposit, bill pay, real estate loans, indirect auto loans, commercial loans and business services, certificates of deposit, and IRAs.  Additionally, members will be able to utilize Priority First’s 5 branch locations and approximately 6,500 surcharge free ATMs.  Priority First has the following full-service locations:

  • 364 Midway Drive, DuBois, PA (Main Office)
  • 550 Main Street, Brockway, PA
  • 909 Route 28, Brookville, PA
  • 422 East Mahoning Street, Punxsutawney, PA
  • 1935 Daisy Street, Clearfield, PA

What will happen to the employees? Priority First has committed to maintaining an office in Knox and plans to upgrade the current facilities.  All KGC employees will become Priority First employees and be eligible for Priority First’s employee benefits. 

Are my accounts still insured? Your deposits will continue to be insured up to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), which is operated by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). For additional information regarding federal deposit insurance, visit the share insurance section at

Who is Priority First? Priority First originated in 1969 as the Credit Union for employees of Brockway Glass, later known as Owens-Illinois. Throughout the years, Priority First grew through mergers of prominent companies such as Brockway Pressed Metals, Secure, Member’s Choice, and Clearfield Stone Workers credit unions.  Priority First serves a large portion of Western PA with membership eligibility to all who live, work, worship, attend school or participate in associations or businesses located in Armstrong, Butler, Clarion, Clearfield, Crawford, Elk, Forest, Indiana, Jefferson, McKean, Mercer, Venango or Warren Counties.  Priority First Federal Credit Union is committed to making a positive difference in the financial lives of its members and in the communities they serve. Priority First strives to be the financial institution members choose first, trust the most, and grow with throughout their lives.

What is Priority First Federal Credit Union’s website? Their website is You are encouraged to visit the site and view all the benefits available to their members.

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